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Your project, is your story to tell. Our task at Lpine is to help you, just like an artist painting on a blank canvas with the help of his paintbrush.

Construction and
Project Management

Controlling a team and leading a group are two very different processes. However, we see to it that we get it both right. At Lpine, we will ensure that the proper manpower, organisation of resources and the execution of the project exceeds expectations.

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and Build

Through this service, we will help you design the area and eventually get it built. A luxurious feel, to boost productivity? You name it. We'll get it done. 

Addition and

We can add and alter to your existing designs to make your dreams a reality. From the planning, orientation of specific pieces, to the colours and textures of your space, we are here to help you sort all of them out.

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Have Questions?

Feel free to write in to us! We’ll reply to you within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, sip some coffee and feel free to browse through our site.